Service of the Kievan taxi 1629. Direct number for stationary telephones.

Taxi 1629 - are interesting and advantageous tariffs.
Taxi 1629 - is the discount system.
Taxi 1629 - is courtesy of controllers and friendly collective.
Taxi 1629 - are professional and polite drivers. Taxi 1629 is a serve of auto, in time and exactly.
Taxi 1629 - is a taxi in Kiev of Taxi 1629 - the best service working for you!


Taxi 1629 provides a range of passenger services. Comfort, reasonable price and high quality service - these are three components of first-class service.

call a taxi you 24 hours a day on the phone 1629 from any mobile or landline number in Ukraine.

drivers with experience of driving at least five years. Acceptance of orders is carried out both in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages, which facilitates co-operation with our company. We understand your foreign partners at a glance.

Pricing taxi in 1629 provides a flexible system of discounts. Upon presentation of the coupon or business card of our company you will be provided with a fixed discount rate. Charges for fixed rates will allow you to accurately calculate the cost of transfer. Clear organization of work of all employees - one hundred percent guarantee of success. We can help you find the right place at the right time.

Phone Division passenger 1629


1629 from stationary telephones
579 with mobile
home(044) 499-16-29
kievstar(067) 499-16-29
beelene(068) 499-16-29
mts(099) 633-99-99
life(063) 973-99-99
life(093) 557-99-99
life(093) 558-99-99